Design Elements

The most common holiday elements installed by bioLights.

Roofline Lighting

Lights placed along the edges and gutters of a roofline. Typically we put these on the lights facing the road, but we have done the back of homes as well. bioLights standard color is warm white.


Wreaths are often installed above garages or peaks. Our wreaths have warm white lights and have a red bow. We have them in 24″, 36″ and 48″ sizes.

Tree Wrap

Mini lights are wrapped around the trunk of the tree. We offer warm white, red, green and multicolor.

Tree Canopy Wrap

The canopy is wrapped around the outside of the tree. This is very popular on evergreen trees. On deciduous trees mini lights are wrapped around the truck of the tree up until the branches start. We most commonly do these trees in warm white or red lights. Depending on the size of the tree we can also do them in green and multi colored.

Shrub Wrap

Mini lights are draped over and around shrubs to make your shrubs shine. We offer warm white, red, green and multicolor.


"I’ve never seen my kids more excited for the Holidays than when bioLights finished our house! They did an amazing job installing the lights and they fit our house perfectly. They even set up the timers for us! The crew was professional, clean, and attentive to detail. I’ll never hang my own lights again…Thanks bioLights!" Tony C.