Beautify the season! Holiday lights add the perfect festive touch to homes during the holiday season. From small children to grown adults, the view of a beautifully lit home brings the joy of the season into the hearts of all.

Creating the perfect scene for your home can range from simple to complex. Some tips to help you this season include:

Design – Start with a design. A design custom to your home or property is an essential guide. Thinking through the process of how to string it all together, hang it, and do it all in a timely way begins with an overall lighting design.

Commercial Quality Products – Anyone who has installed their own outdoor holiday lights can attest to how touchy the off-the-shelf lights can be at times. The small wires break and can wreak havoc on the day of installation. The use of commercial quality materials will ensure sturdy lights that work well and shine brightly.

High Density Spacing – If you would like to create a fuller and brighter display, consider spacing lights 12” apart. This spacing will give your overall display a more dramatic look.

Light Trees and Landscape Plants – Beyond a home’s roofline are trees and shrubs. Both types of plants, when lit properly, will add a lovely effect to your overall display.

Garland and Wreaths – Beautiful both day and night, garland and wreaths add a pop of color and interest to outdoor holiday decorations.

Do you want a beautiful holiday display but don’t want all the work of set up and take down? We can help. Our design and installation experts will help create the perfect look you desire. Give us a call today for an estimate.